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Monse Arande

I been here in Landero Learning Center for about 8 years straight. I want to give thanks to my parents for the piano lessons. Especially for my dad for paying my piano lessons.I always tell my parents that why is piano really important and they always tell me that the piano is a good gateway instrument because it’s easy to produce music without a lot of skill, which makes you feel accomplished and encourages you to continue learning. What impresses me to continue learning the piano is a lot of hand-eye coordination. By reading musical notes on a page, my brain subconsciously must convert that note into specific motor patterns while also adding breathing and rhythm to the mix. Reading music requires counting notes and rhythms and can help my math skills.What I’d like to do most on the piano is self-expression because even if I’m performing someone else’s music, playing the piano is such a raw expression of my creativity, my emotional state, and myself. I can pour my heart and soul into the music and even if I’m feeling down in the dumps, I can create something beautiful. It’s almost an out of body I experience. With the piano catching every one and turning it into something else.When I’m playing the piano, I have to focus on the rhythm, pitch, tempo, note duration, and several other things. Even though I’m doing something that I actually enjoy, this is really a multi level concentration exercise.

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Lisa M.

I have noticed that my son, Ryan, has progressed more rapidly in playing piano with only 9 months piano lessons that with his old teacher, whom he had for a year. He plays better now with confidence and enjoys every minute of it. His piano technique and note reading has also improved. More importantly, Ryan enjoys Ms. Ginas way of teaching.


My children have been learning music and martial arts for almost 1 year. They are showing great progress with their new talents. Thanks Gina and all the staff at LLC!

Yun Family

My daughter loves martial arts class. She thinks it’s fun, exciting, and feels stronger each week. The teacher has very good experience and the kids like him. That is a good class for everyone, the self defense and the exercise. It s great give it a try!


We like it here! You did a good job, thank you.


I was glad to find out about the now Landero Learning Center previously the Southern Highland Piano Studio. I enrolled my daughter in their piano lessons and with no previous music background, my daughter learned how to read notes and play different piano pieces in such a short time. With their affordable price, driving a few extra miles from where we live makes it all worth it. Thank you Ms. Gina along with your great staff for your hard work.

Ava Milay

Landero Learning Center is outstanding! Our daughter, Abby, is learning so much from Ms. Gina and her wonderful staff. The Menehune Method is perfect for Abby in helping her learn something she is so passionate about. Her piano skills have been improving more and more every week. Keep up the great work!

Chris Roseberry

Love Landero Learning Center. My son has fun taking piano lessons. It is affordable and we love the staff. I would reccomend it to my friends.


We love the piano class here. Teachers are very nice. Even though my daughters are in the group classes, the teachers pay attention to the individuals. One of my daughters have autism, but the teacher is very understanding and is very patient with her. She loves the class and I think it’s a good way for her to learn how to focus.

YAP Family

My boys are involved in martial arts, hip-hop, art, piano, ukelele, and brain building at Landero Learning Center. They love going to learn and the staff is very helpful and knowledgable. Which class is their favorite changes from week to week but they are always excited to go. I like seeing them develope new skills and talents. Ms. Landero is very responsive to suggestions and ideas. I feel it is money well spent!

Kris Owens

My kids are having fun and at the same time learning to play a piano piece. We’re happy with their continuing great experience.

Maria Afrik

The enviornment is pleasant, the staff is nice and friendly, spacious for waiting parents and gradparents, etc. With modern musical instruments, my grand daughter is so excited to be enrolled at the school, enjoying and having fun.

Aurora Ganzon

We are happy with our daughter’s progress and continue to see improvement academically due to the tutoring at the Landero Learning Center. Her tutor is a patient and caring instructor with a background with the Clark County School District. She understands the schools requirments and how to help our daughter meet them. Best of all our daughter enjoys learning and going to tutoring.

Enrique and Cecile Puentes

Landero Learning Center is a great place for my 2 boys to learn piano. We have a hectic schedule and Ms. Gina is wonderful when it comes to scheduling. Thank you.

Danny Nguyen