Public Speaking

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Public speaking for Kids was designed to help teach youngsters the basic elements of good speaking and to instill in them a sense of confidence as they communicate verbally with others. A child needs to overcome the fear of the stage and performing in front of a large crowd. It is important to teach kids more about being effective public speakers. Building up their confidence as a public speaker as they grow in their teenage years and as they go into adulthood it will make them be more confident in life.

Meet the teachers:

Deborrah Collymore is a retired educator of 20 years and has a Masters Degree in Education at the Columbia Teachers College New York, New York and College of Southern Nevada. Some of her skills include clear public speaking skills, interactive teaching, behavior modification, interdisciplinary teaching, etc. Taught elementary education in New York City, Lexington, Ky, and Atlanta, GA. Presently a tutor at a faith based institution in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Alicia Kay Gary is a musical theater/ vocal teacher. Her training was at Indiana University and South Bend Conservatory of Music. She was on the radio; Audio Associates – Commercial Jingles, Valley Bank, CE Lee Paints, Indian Motor bus. She was also on television; Jerry Lewis Telethon – Local Channel 28. She did musical theater; Highways – Peformance Art, Local Theater – The Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz – Director, The Attic – Taxi Tale. MCA at Universal Studios Tour, and Victorian Carolers – Christmas Shows.