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$78/month|Once a week|1-hour class

Private Piano can be scheduled at any time. $60/hour $45/ 45 minutes.


Group piano lessons are noncompetitive as students work on their own pace. Any student of different levels can join the class. Each has their own piano and should wear headphones during class time. They do worksheets and piano play with music accompaniment. Having a group class and hearing other kids play, will make kids motivated to learn.

*We also provide private piano instruction for all ages and levels.

The Landero Learning Center is the only school in South Las Vegas that uses the Mayron Cole Piano Method, the no. 1 group piano method in the United States. We are confident that we have the right teachers to meet anyone’s needs. This holistic method for group piano provides piano theory and practice exercises all in one series of books.  All lessons are booked in a month-to-month basis so that families have the chance to take vacations without worrying about prepaid commitment.



The Landero Learning Center uses the Mayron Cole Piano Method that is built on the three basic steps of learning to play (1) Rhythmic Reading (2) Keyboard Geography and (3) Staff Reading. The Mayron Cole Group Piano Method is the nation’s leading group piano curriculum for over 30 years in the US.


Menehune: This primer piano class is for ages 4 – 6. Children learn the first two steps of piano playing readiness: mastery of rhythmic counting and knowledge of keyboard geography.

Level 1: Beginners learn the three steps of piano playing: mastering of rhythmic counting, keyboard geography and proficient staff note reading. Young beginner for ages 7 – 10 and Older Beginner for ages 11 and up.

Level 2: Students will continue to expand their keyboard knowledge, rhythm and music move on to more new note in the treble clef, harmony and beginning piano technique. They will also be introduced to the classics.

Level 3 Advanced Beginners: After mastering the Bass Clef in Level 2 students will move on to more new note in the treble clef, harmony and beginning piano technique. They will also be introduced to the classics.

Level 4 Early Intermediate: The skills developed in the early levels will be expanded in Level 4. Students are introduced to triads, chord inversions, compound rhythm, harmony explorations, ledger line notes and much more.

Level 5 Intermediate: The music at this level keeps the students motivated by using compound rhythm, sixteenth notes and triplets. Classic favorites in their original form include music history lessons.

Piano, Voice & Drum Instructor: Mr. Bobby Cottonwood

Mr. Bobby Cottonwood was raised in Hollywood and was influenced at an early age by music. He’s performed as a professional singer, drummer, and bandleader of a rock band. He appeared with big bands like the Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Yardbirds, The Animals, Sonny & Cher, and much more.

By 20 years old, he toured with his own popular show and dance group, “Sounds West” for 7 years across the U.S. and Canada.

He is a seasoned musician and singer with a versatile, warm, smooth, velvety style. He is also a devoted music educator with other 35 years of teaching experience. Mr. Bobby teaches drums, voice, diaphamatic breathing, ear training, music theory, and notation publicly.




Mr. Charlie studied under Bill Babcock of the Boston and Chicago Symphony and had formal education at the Sherwood Music Conservatory. Mr. Charlie went on to play with many artists at venues from The Apollo in New York to Boston Jazz Festival. He has a degree of graduate studies with an emphasis on music education and a bachelor of arts with a focus on urban education.

After obtaining his teaching degree, Mr. Williamson continues to play the trumpet while arranging local shows and teaching music. He teaches piano, and is part of our tutorial team with experience as a school teacher in multiple districts.