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Guitar/Voice Instructors

Lazaro De Los Reyes is a singer/songwriter/musician and audio engineer residing in Las Vegas. Lazaro graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts with focus on Sound Engineering and Audio Production, and has worked with and received mentoring from many successful musicians, singers, and producers. Besides his work as an audio engineer, Lazaro has always been passionate about teaching music. His drive to help others learn to sing or play music developed from realizing the struggle most aspiring musicians and singers feel when attempting to pursue or explore their musical talents. Completely self-taught and having found success performing his original music on local television show “Vegas on the Mic,” as well as local radio show “Vegas’s Rising Stars,” Lazaro began teaching private and group vocal and guitar lessons at Landero Learning Center, and has been affiliated with the center since 2015. Lazaro’s main focus is to help aspiring musicians discover themselves as artists, regardless of their experience or ability — or even if they feel they have “no talent”!


Jay Fletcher- Guitar

Jay has been playing professionally for more than twenty years. He has played Rock Country, Gospel, Pop, and Light Jazz. Jay has been on stage with or opened up for varied artists Ted Nugent, Randy Travis, Phil Driscoll, and others. He is now playing with the Las Vegas Downbeats. He has been teaching for 5 years at the Landero Learning Center.

Teaching Skills- Can teach from beginners and up, Chords, Scales, Reading Notation, Music Theory, Improvising, and ect.

Celia I. Jimenez-Gonzalez is a singer/guitarist/pianist who graduated from the University of Arts and Music of Cuba with a Bachelors in music. Celia is a member of a Juno Award Winning and Grammy Nominated jazz group “Jane Bunnett & Maqueque”. For 4 years she worked as a bass player, vocalist, and composer and some of her accomplishments include recording for the album “Oddara” (Nominated for the Grammy Awards 2018 as best Latin Jazz album of the year), and recording for the album debut “Maqueque”.