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LLC tutoring service communicates the importance of education and making children learning experiences fun. Our educators are here to start your child on the right academic track or improve their learning abilities


Math preparation, testing (GED and SAT) and tips which includes basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and geometry for Pre-K to K-12 grade students.


This class is for Pre-K to K-12. This includes core phonics, reading, writing, reading comprehension, grammar, handwriting, punctuation, literature, vocabulary, and spelling.



Mr. Charlie studied under Bill Babcock of the Boston and Chicago Symphony and had formal education at the Sherwood Music Conservatory. Mr. Charlie went on to play with many artists at venues from The Apollo in New York to Boston Jazz Festival. He has a degree of graduate studies with an emphasis on music education and a bachelor of arts with a focus on urban education.

After obtaining his teaching degree, Mr. Williamson continues to play the trumpet while arranging local shows and teaching music. He teaches piano, and is part of our tutorial team with experience as a school teacher in multiple districts.

Deborrah Collymore is a retired educator of 20 years and has a Masters Degree in Education at the Columbia Teachers College New York, New York and College of Southern Nevada. Some of her skills include clear public speaking skills, interactive teaching, behavior modification, interdisciplinary teaching, etc. Taught elementary education in New York City, Lexington, Ky, and Atlanta, GA. Presently a tutor at a faith based institution in Las Vegas, Nevada.