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Student’s Testimonial
Monse Aranda

I been here in Landero Learning Center for about 8 years straight. I want to give thanks to my parents for the piano lessons. Especially for my dad for paying my piano lessons.I always tell my parents that why is piano really important and they always tell me that the piano is a good gateway instrument because it’s easy to produce music without a lot of skill, which makes you feel accomplished and encourages you to continue learning. What impresses me to continue learning the piano is a lot of hand-eye coordination. By reading musical notes on a page, my brain subconsciously must convert that note into specific motor patterns while also adding breathing and rhythm to the mix. Reading music requires counting notes and rhythms and can help my math skills.What I’d like to do most on the piano is self-expression because even if I’m performing someone else’s music, playing the piano is such a raw expression of my creativity, my emotional state, and myself. I can pour my heart and soul into the music and even if I’m feeling down in the dumps, I can create something beautiful. It’s almost an out of body I experience. With the piano catching every one and turning it into something else.When I’m playing the piano, I have to focus on the rhythm, pitch, tempo, note duration, and several other things. Even though I’m doing something that I actually enjoy, this is really a multi level concentration exercise.

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Winter Recital 2019 

Art/Painting Instructor

James Marberry is a art instructor. He has received multiple awards from the public school systems, art programs and advanced art positions, Taught art classes in the elementary schools, and received an award for completing a watercolor piece representing the different landmarks around the city of Fresno.

Vocal Instructress

Alicia Kay Gary is a musical theater/ vocal teacher. Her training was at Indiana University and South Bend Conservatory of Music.

Drum Instructress

Barbara Rock has been playing the drums professionally in Washington for the past 10 years. Also singing back-up and lead in several bands.

She received her masters degree in Counseling in 2008 and began providing counseling services in 2012. She began working as a mental health counselor for a non-profit in the City of Tacoma and provided workshops. She is a mental heath counselor/ speaker and a drummer.


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Landero Learning Center, Music Instruction Instrumental, Las Vegas, NV

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Watch one of our student’s performances at Kahunaville, Treasure Island!

Congratulations Cassandra Kliewer!!

for doing a 10 song performance at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission and Destiny Church, below is the YouTube link.